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Our Mission is to fight counterfeit COVID-19 tests and medications worldwide

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BlueArch is a unique innovation alliance to develop and promote smart technology solutions.

Stop Counterfeit Medicines

The worldwide trade in fake drugs is now a 30 billion dollar industry according to WHO, a figure that has nearly tripled in the last five years.

What Is BlueArch and how do we fight COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a severe threat to the most vulnerable members of communities in the 3rd world and humanitarian workers, as well. BlueArch will contribute to solving a pressing challenge: we form an Anti-COVID-19 innovation alliance to fight counterfeit Corona tests and medication.

BlueArch does even more: we will improve the quality of medical care to humanitarian workers and to the communities affected by disaster and humanitarian crises.

Could the coronavirus claim some 3 million lives across Africa?

In the face of catastrophic coronavirus death toll predictions, African governments are looking at a number of strategies to mitigate the risk and combat the unique challenges facing the continent.

The Africa CDC reports that confirmed SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections had been detected in 52 African countries by April 21. In most of those, the epidemic was at what the center calls “phase 2,” in which the virus is being transmitted from person to person in the country, but those infections can be attributed to contact with a specific person, such as a colleague who caught the virus abroad.

Six countries have reached “phase 3,” in which the resulting disease starts to surface more widely: Algeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, South Africa, Tunisia and Uganda.

What BlueArch Does


COVID-19: BlueArch formed an innovation alliance and technology partnership to develop and deploy a unique and extremely low-cost solution to disarm counterfeiters. We can proudly report that we will be able to offer this solution to pharma producers, waiving all license fees for everything needed to fight COVID-19, to send a strong signal and to set an example that innovation partnerships can achieve remarkable change.

BlueArch establishes a 24/7 medical consultancy network that links field hospitals and medical personnel in humanitarian missions to experts worldwide.

Video-links and specialized information-sharing tools will allow access to highly qualified medical experts able to provide ad-hoc guidance, analysis, and expertise to their peers in the field.


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