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We are committed to improving health care in field missions.

BlueArch will contribute to solving a pressing challenge: improving the quality of medical care to peacekeepers and humanitarian workers as well as impacted communities in  peace operations, disaster relief and humanitarian aid.

UN Photo / Catianna Tijerina

What BlueArch Offers

BlueArch establishes a 24/7 medical consultancy network that links field hospitals and medical personnel in humanitarian missions with experts worldwide. 

Video-links and specialized information-sharing tools will allow access to highly qualified medical experts who are able to provide ad-hoc guidance, analysis, and expertise to their peers in the field.

UN Photo / Victoria Hazou

A Network You Can Rely On

Since Field Hospitals are the backbone of the health care and emergency response provided to peacekeepers, humanitarian workers, as well as to the impacted communities, medical treatment relies on the qualifications and experience of the deployed medical staff, both local and remote, working together.

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